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This EP is a precursor to an album we hope the have out by next year!


released July 13, 2013

All songs written and performed by Kristina Moore

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, recorded by Dylan Pratt
Tracks 3, 4, 5 recorded by Dominic Armstrong
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 mixed and mastered by Dominic Armstrong and Janna McCluskey
Track 6 recorded and mixed by Kristina Moore

"Kwiaty Są Piękne":
contributing handclaps and shaker by Dylan Pratt

"Hold On":
Guitar and backing vocals: Dylan Pratt
Piano: Janna McCluskey

"The Holocene:"
Percussion and backing vocals: Dominic Armstrong
Bass and backing vocals: Janna McCluskey

"Children At Play"
Guitar and Big Drum: Dominic Armstrong
Trumpet: Evan Bisbee



all rights reserved


Pageant Phoenix, Arizona

Pageant is Kristina Moore and a rotating cast of friends.

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Track Name: Kwiaty Są Piękne
So its always been
We're taught aging is a sin
We're taught bodies are broken

So its always been
We trade for brand new baby's skin
For a fragile face of porcelain

I once was innocent
child's breath on my lips
a seedling coddled in soil
reaching for the surface
kwiaty są piękne
picked to display then thrown away
their hands grasping to feel
mouthless bodies, faceless frames

I am more than you allow me to be
Track Name: Hold On
hold on, dear
hold on, dear
wait patiently for the sky to clear
hold on, dear

the storm has come and everybody’s gone
the storm has come and you are on your own
the rain is cold but you refuse to go home
Isn’t it strange how an empty place can feel so full when you’re all alone

you hope the lightening strikes you to bring the warmth back to your eyes
or the wind to carry you to where your childhood memories lie
and now you can’t tell the difference between the rain drops and your tears
hold on, dear

the rain is cold but you refuse to go home
you want to feel everything, feel anything at all
I know
Track Name: The Holocene
the sun opened wide
swallowed up the night
the sun climbed the mountain
stood up and greeted it’s children

the daylight overtook my room like a rising tide I’m slipping into far from shores where I sleep with the sound of my pulse aching in my teeth
our hands rake the seabed for artifacts of those who built us
from their own bone and flesh

the black sky is enveloped in our irises
keeping secrets of the unknown and the wondrous

Did you hear
that all the mountains crumbed?
Did you hear
theres people in the rubble?
All the stars fell down
Did you see them, did you see them?
All the stars fell down
Was it on the television?
Track Name: Mamidło
tanczę z niebiem
kołysam się wiatrem
teraz jestem dzieckiem

obawiałam się
wszystkiego, wszystkiego
obawiałam się
to jest za mamidło

teraz jestem dzieckiem
Track Name: Children At Play
summer afternoon
hours unfold like flowers in bloom
spinning ‘round my room
mulling over all the things I think to be true

all the birds call out in harmony
piercing through the street’s cacophony
Is there nothing truer than a mind at peace?
racing thoughts upon these roads will take no heed

how does summer always seem to
steal my youth away from me?
year by year the child I once was
falls further into memory

will my sense of wonder grow as frail as my bones?
will we force our dreams to retreat and leave us all to die alone?
No, I won’t

summer nights
poisoned by a frame of streetlights
how our voices climb
up over our neighborhoods to lace the skyline

all the crickets croon in harmony
piercing through a night’s debauchery
is there nothing truer than a child at play?
is there nothing crueler than a book’s last page?
Track Name: Maybe If We Wait
He slipped my hands into the soil
with a seed between my palms
he said, “we will wait patiently
and see what it becomes”
but in order for it to grow, I have to let go
I have to let go
I hope he knows how much I loved him so